Good Times to Go

  • Summer (July and August)
  • Fall    (September through mid November)
  • Christmas time for all the Old Sturbridge Village festivities
  • Spring (April and June) for the blooming flowers and trees, if you don't mind a little rain

Bad Times to Go

  • Winter (January - March)  snow, ice, wind, 0 degrees, yuck
  • Any Brimfield Flea Market (antique show) week unless you are into that sort of thing . These occur usually the 1st or second week in May, July, and September. Traffic is ridiculous, people are rude, hotel rates double or even TRIPLE if you can even find one with vacancy, and did i say the traffic is bad? Again, if you like the Antique show you would have a blast because there are literally thosuands of vendors with everything you can imagine