Vienna Restaurant & Historic Inn. Ethnic Five-star European dining.  Sturbridge area restaurant  Austrian, Bavarian, French, & German cuisines with Steaks, Seafood additions daily.  Near Mass Pike and 1-84 close to Connecticut , Metro Boston, Rhode Island 45 min.  Romantic atmosphere, fireside dining, alfresco dining outside, Open Easter, Mothers Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years Eve.  Wiener Schnitzel, Organic Filet Mignon, Veal Rouladen and Beef Stroganoff, Rack of Lamb, Roasted Duckling with Cherry au Poivre. Even Vegetarian Menu items.  Authentic elegant Viennese Tortes and Apple Strudel even Jewish Coffee Cake Petite Hotel with 24/7 room service      



Vorspeisen Austrian Dumplings ~ Filled with spinach, artichoke & a touch of Pernod finished with tarragon crème        9

Sea Scallops of the Day ~ Prepared using the freshest ingredients inspired by the market & season           14

Fruits, Nuts & Cheese Platte ~ Cheddar, Salzburger & Blue cheese ~ berries & nuts adorn each plate        10

Pork & Duck Pâté ~ Served with onion, parsley& cognac – served with toast points                                   12            

Fried Camembert Cheese ~ Wedges of golden Camembert served with raspberry honey mustard for dip      9

Crepes with Sauce Nantua ~ S tuffed with crab, salmon & sea scallops, creamy wine & dill sauce             12   

Swiss Rösti & Apple ~ Swiss-style crisp, laced pancake & baked apple accompanied with crème fraîche   11

Crab Imperial Stuffed Mushrooms ~ Fresh “King” crab finished with a Mornay cheese sauce                   10    


Spinach Polonaise & Bacon Vinaigrette 11

Classic Caesar Salad 10

Austrian Meats & Cheese Platte 9    


Deviled Eggs      Selection of Delicately Prepared Gems to share at your Easter Table 8      



Alsatian Onion Soup $8  

Cream of Asparagus $7

Goulash Soup $8      




Traditional Austrian Easter Ham ~ Honey-glazed and served with potato, root vegetables & meat stuffing 24

Beef Rouladen ~ A traditional stuffing of root vegetables, crisp bacon and pickle in a deep brown sauce      25

Wild Alaskan Salmon ~ Grilled to perfection, then topped with flawless Hollandaise & seasonal vegetable 26

Vegetarian Bauern Strudel ~ Wild mushrooms, sweet potato, caramelized onion with Miso reduction         23

Cherry Au Piovre Roasted ½ Duckling ~ Complemented with organic wild rice and braised red cabbage    34

Chicken Cordon Bleu ~ A free-range breast stuffed with Salzburger cheese & Black Forest ham               26

Local Surf & Organic Turf ~ Imagine a filet mignon of beef aside crab & scallop stuffed Maine lobster tail   45

Roasted Spring Rack of Lamb – The ultimate tradition of mint demi-glace, potato & season vegetables      34

Braised Local Sweet Breads ~ Delicately tossed with a lobster béchamel – A true gastronome experience            32

Baked Stuffed Lazy Maine Lobster ~ Sinful - Stuffed with scallop, crab & lobster of course!           MKT PRICE      

Viennese Desserts 11  

An incredible selection of tortes and strudels such as Cherry Marzipan, Black Forest, Raspberry Linzertorte, Apfle Strudel, Hazelnut Tortes and much more! All desserts are served with whipped cream & berries     Holiday seating is limited! All Seatings by reservations –Please (508) 764-0700        







Mother’s Day Menu Sunday, May 12 th  

Appetizers   Scallops Rockefeller | OMG! Spinach, Pernod & touch of creme $15  

“Colossal” Cocktail Shrimp | Traditional red sauce 15

Marinated Austrian Cucumber & Mushrooms ~ Wunderbar! 7

Classic German Potato Pancakes | Apple sauce & sour cream 10

Sauteed Hungarian Sausages | Caramelized Onions | paprika BBQ 10

Fried Camembert Cheese | Dijon & raspberry mustard 11

Lollipop Lamb Milanese on a pool of delicate tarragon creme 14    



Suppen | Salat  

Alsatian-style Baked Onion Soup $10

Hot or Cold Vichyssoise | Potato & Leek soup 7

Russian Borscht Soup| BEET SOUP & CrÈme FraÎche 8  

Classic Caesar Sal ad $10      

Spinach & Berries |

Fresh berry viniagrette 11                




aLL eNTREES Include Bread basket| welcome Platte | European-style salad  


Roasted Tenderloin of Beef | MELT IN YOUR MOUTH MEAT WITH Sauce Bordelaise 32  

cENTER-CUT Grilled Swordfish | Mango, lime & cilantro salsa 30  

Grilled Atlantic Salmon | STEAMED Asparagus & FLAWLESS sauce Hollandaise 26  

Chicken Cordon Bleu | oozing W/ Salzburger cheese & BONELESS AUSTRIAN hAM 24  

Jäger SchnitzeL | hUNTER SAUCE OF mushrooms onion & bacon | red cabbage 30  

Long Island Roasted Duckling | Cherry au piovre, spaetzle & red cabbage 34  

Baked Stuffed Shrimp | SinfuLLY DELICIOUS Stuffed W/ scallop, crab & shrimp 32  

Hungarian-Style Galumpkis | beef & rice, Hungarian paprika crème fraîche 22  

Seafood Crepe | Delicate Dill cream sauce | scallop, shrimp, salmon STUFFING  25  

Rouladen of Beef | Onion, pickle & carrot MASH rolled | SAUCE ESPAGNOLE 26  

Wiener Schnitzel | BREADED cutlet sauteed in butter | linogonberry & lemon 22  



vIENNESE dESSERTS RECITED TABLE-SIDE   ~ cALL TODAYFOR  RESERVATION AT Vienna Restaurant and Historic Inn (508) 764-0700