Davis Sqaure is the most likely spot for visitors to hit in Somerville, and it boasts a range of great dining options:
  • If you're splurging, Gargoyles on the Square offers top notch cuisine with prices lower than you'd find at similar quality places in downtown Boston. 
  • If BBQ is your thing, Redbones may be the best in the Boston area. 
  • Diva offers quality Indian fare, while those a little more adventurous should not miss the Tibetan food at Martsa on Elm.
  • The Blue Shirt Cafe offers tasty take out with vegetarian options.
  • Picante and Anna's both offer quality, low key Mexican.
  • Joshua Tree and Orleans both offer good mid-range options with sit down service.
  • Newly-opened Sabur Restaurant serves delicious Mediterranean food.

Other spots beyond Davis Sqaure that are worth a visit:

In Magoun Sq, that is at the intersection of Broadway and Medford streets is a great Italian Restaurant called Lil Vinny's, best Italian food you can find ouside of Boston's North End. Check them out at www.lilvinnys.com but get there early as they only take reservations for large groups, the line on weekends waiting for a table might go out the door.