The best way for visitors to do shopping in Sandwich is to just get out and walk around the town.  The traveler’s eye will easily be caught by the items on display in the windows of stores located all throughout the town.  What visitors should know is that there are shops located in the center of town which are great for window-shopping, but the best bargains are likely to be found in those stores located just to the east of the center of town.  Visitors should head out 1-3 miles east of the center of town and browse the stores there for antiques, jewelry and local crafts.

Travelers should also make it a point to stop at the Sandwich Auction House ( ) for a neat shopping experience.  This is a center for antiques where more than one hundred dealers come together to sell their wares.  Even visitors who opt not to buy anything will be entertained by the auction atmosphere which includes the babbling voice of an experienced auctioneer.

Visitors who are interested in doing a little bit of food shopping while in the area will find they have a number of places to choose from.   There is Crow Farm for fresh produce, Joe’s Lobster and Fish Market for fresh seafood and fresh preserves from Green Briar Jam Kitchen.