Located off the coast of New England, the island of Martha’s Vineyard has a maritime climate that means warm summers and cold and wet winters. The prime tourist season for Oak Bluffs is from late spring through the early fall. This is the time with the most sunshine, the warmest days and plenty of activities to keep you occupied!

July and August are the warmest days, and also the driest months. There is a light breeze in the summer but the island is generally always somewhat windy. Daytime temperatures are in the low to mid 80s and in the low to mid 60s are the sun goes down. Being on the ocean Oak Bluffs can have a chill in the air in the summer so you should plan to wear a jacket at night to cover up, while wearing sunscreen to cover up during the day.

Spring and fall are a bit cooler, and the months from February through May can be wet and windy. The humidity is generally high in the spring, but it the rainfall picks up again in October and continues through the end of January.

Winters are considered off-season and during the period from November through March the weather can be cold! Being on the ocean means it doesn’t get quite so cold as other parts of New England, and it can creep into the 40s during the day, but nighttime temperatures can fall into the 20s in December and January. Snow can be heavy from November until March, which transforms the island into a winter wonderland for the locals.