The Owners’ Forum – What You Need to Know.

This forum, like all the forums on TripAdvisor, is member driven, peer-to-peer assistance. It is NOT an effective way of contacting TA staff, and TA staff will NOT act on most issues, posted on the forums.

TA staff do drop by the forum from time to time, but have commented that the best way to contact them, is via your Management Centre.

Destination experts are the backbone of the TripAdvisor community. They are regular contributors who exemplify the best of TripAdvisor's forums.   

On this forum, you will find 4 Destination Experts with the title “Support Forum” under their user names.    Each of these individuals have been selected by TA staff due their extensive knowledge of the TripAdvisor site, how to trouble shoot problems related to TA, and the appropriate method of contacting TA staff, when needed.

They are NOT TA staff...they are users of TA, just like you and I.    They have no more access or control than any other user on TripAdvisor.

Please note: They are unpaid volunteers after all, so don't be afraid to say "thanks" when they've provided you with helpful advice!