The time to head to Lenox is during the summer (see more about when to go to Lenox at .)  In addition to having beautiful weather during that time, there is always a lot happening in Lenox during the summer.  Some of the events which take place in Lenox throughout the year include:

  • Arts and Crafts Fair held each July in Lilac Park.  Travelers can enjoy speaking with local artisans about the work they are doing during the summer of each year.
  • Annual craft fair in Lilac Park takes places in the middle of August.  Different from the Arts and Crafts Fair held there in July of each year in that this fair is one which benefit youth basketball in the area.
  • The Tub Parade takes place at the beginning of September each year to celebrate the end of a great summer season and the start of fall.  At this time of year, Lenox feels like it’s back in the olden days and horse and carriage rides are the thing to do with your kids or your sweetheart.
  • The Apple Squeeze Festival is an annual autumn celebration which has been going on in Lenox for nearly thirty years.

Updated information about upcoming events is online at