Hyannis can be visited year round, but certain months are more pleasant than others.

            Temperatures in Hyannis are neither extremely hot during the summers nor extremely cold during the winters.  The hottest months of the year are July and August during which time the average high temperatures are in the upper 70’s.  The coldest months of the year are January and February during which time the average low temperatures are in the low 20’s.  Of course these low temperatures occur during the night time.  The average high temperatures during the daytime in January and February are in the upper 30’s. 

            It can and does rain during every month of the year.  However, the wettest month on average is December, during which time both snow and rain fall.   

            For complete information about yearly temperature and precipitation averages, visit Hyannis Weather .

            If still unsure about which time of year to visit Hyannis, visit the Cape Cod Events Site .  Like most tourist towns, the majority of events are held during the summer months when weather is nice and people are outdoors.  But there are many reasons to visit during the winter months as well.  

            The tourist season is during the summer months when the weather is at its warmest.