Formerly an important port city, Bath is still considered a hub of sorts for the state of Maine. It is located close to several smaller regional airports including Westport Airport, Portland Jetport and Augusta and Lewiston Airports. Westport Airport is about 10 minutes from the town of Bath, while the other two airports are less than 40 minutes away. This makes getting to Bath by air fairly easy, as there are numerous flights from cities in the region including Boston, New York and Philadelphia. Taxicabs and rental cars are readily available at each of these airports, and there is limited shuttle bus service as well. Additionally, the Brunswick Naval Air Station offers restricted access for commuter service.

Likewise, the region of Southern Maine is accessible via the Route 1 and Interstate 95 corridor system that runs up from New York City. This makes travel from destinations from New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and other New England areas quite easy. Throughout the year this driving corridor is well maintained, and even in the winter it is generally free of snow. Of course during heavy blizzards the driving can be slow, but the rest of the time this is just a straight shot up to the beauty and culture of Bath.