In 1836, Shreveport was founded by the Shreve Town Company, which was founded to build a town near the Red River and the Texas Trail. The company and the town were named after Captain Henry Miller Shreve, who had cleared the Red River of debris that was clogging the river for 180 miles. He did it with the help of the US Army Corps of Engineers. On March 20, 1839, the village of Shreve Town was incorporated as Shreveport. It wasn't until 1871, however, that Shreveport became a city. Originally, the Shreve Town Company had bought the land for the town from the Caddo Indians, who had inhabited the region for hundreds of years. This purchase took place in 1835. Shreveport is now the parish seat of Caddo County, Louisiana. Shreveport and Bossier City, which is a smaller sister city that was founded in 1884 and incorporated as a city in 1907, are designated as historical landmarks in Louisiana. There are a few historical landmarks that have put the cities on the map, and they draw thousands of visitors each year. The Red River was used until 1914 when it became too dirty and misused to be carefully navigable, but in the 1990's the river was cleaned and it is now usable today. As a result, Shreveport is now becoming a shipping center again.