When it comes to shopping in Lake Charles and the surrounding area, antiques and flea markets are definitely the speciality places. The Curiosity Antique Mall is just one of the many options you will find there and in other local places like Suphur.
     Visitors will also want to check out the Cottage Shops.  A collection of small, independently owned businesses not far from Interstate 10 (between Ryan  and Common St )offering a selection of boutique-style specialties.
     Finally, there are several malls in the area. You will find bargains on many of your favorite brands at the Factory Stores of America Outlet Mall, while another popular option is the Prien Lake Mall, offering several large department stores.  There is also a mall called the Lake Charles Power Center offering mostly the same large chain/box stores you would find in your own home town. 
     Another place to shop is in the heavily visited areas around the Lake itself, plus the beaches - although much of this material will be limited to items like t-shirts and beach items, and Cajun Country souvenirs.  

If you would like a complete directory on shops and boutiques in the Lake Charles area, click here to find just the place you are looking for.