Louisville experiences mostly temperate and mild weather because of the Ohio River Valley. The summer is humid on average and temperatures stay in the upper 80s. Winters on the other hand are cold and wet with temperatures in the upper 30s but they are shorter than the other seasons. If you are visiting in the Spring be prepared for some chilly weather, especially at night and expect occasional showers.



If you want to visit Louisville for the horse racing, you will not want to miss the Kentucky Derby . Louisville's most anticipated event takes place annualy in early May. And because summer tends to come early in Louisville, you will hopefully enjoy some beautiful weather on your vacation.

Louisville and the surrounding areas of Kentucky and Indiana are equally lovely in the fall.  Best times are last week of September through mid-October.   It's one of the reasons the St. James Art Show organizers picked the first weekend in October for the annual event when it started nearly 60 years ago.