The first place to go for shopping in Bowling Green is a place which is not actually located in Bowling Green but rather is located approximately ten miles north of the city.  This place is Smith’s Grove, a historic city which is known for being a place that people head to in order to purchase antiques.  There are numerous local stores here where Bowling Green travelers can pick up unique items while enjoying a historic experience.  See for more information.

Within the city itself, there is also much opportunity to do antique shopping.  The best place to go is probably the indoor flea market, known alternatively as either Flea Land or the Antique Mall.  Visitors can get a good start on gift shopping here as there are not only antiques but also numerous other one-of-a-kind local items.  See for details.

For other types of shopping, including window-shopping, the historic downtown area is also a good place to start.  The area has been revitalized as part of a project by the Downtown Redevelopment Authority (  As part of that revitalization, area stores are thriving.

For information on specific stores throughout Bowling Green , including the items to be found in different locations, visit .

There is a great little shopping destination off Scottsville Road behind Rafferty's called Thoroughbred Shopping center. It has an incredible art gallery : Ellis-Walker Gallery (local and regional artist) gift shop, yogurt shop, salon, florist and many more.  A MUST see for any visitor and great hang out for all the locals.