Travelers generally opt to rent cars for travel around Wichita.  It is not an absolute requirement for getting around, as many locations travelers will want to see are within walking or biking distance from major hotel locations and public transportation travels all throughout the city.  However, the majority of travelers do find that driving is the quickest and easiest way to get to any location in the area.

Travelers flying in to the Wichita airport ( can rent cars at one of the major car rental companies whose offices are located there.  More information is available at .  Travelers can also rent cars from both large and small car rental companies located throughout the city.  Visitors heading to Wichita during the winter months should be prepared for driving in the snow (see for more weather information) and should check highway conditions at in preparation for travel.

Travelers opting not to rent a car will want to know about the Wichita Transit ( ) bus system.   This bus system provides for convenient transportation throughout the city and is easy for visitors to get used to using.   Additional information is available about using this option can be located online at .