Located on the south side near I-465 and Emerson, the Fujiyama Steak House is a "teppanyaki" style restaurant where the show is as much a part of the experience as the food.  As one guest said, "It's fun to watch them cook in front of your face," and indeed it is.

 The quality of the show will vary a bit, depending on the cook who serves you.  Most are quite animated and entertaining while others ... well, should probably be working in the back, "behind the scenes."  Those instances are, thankfully, rare.

 The menu has a variety of entree items that can be cooked "in front of your face," including chicken, hibachi fish, hibachi steak, scallops, filet mignon, and shrimp (all of which are offered alone or in combination).  They also offer combination dinners featuring lobster tail.  Fujiyama also offers kid-size portions of the same food served to the adults; don't look for a PB&J on this menu! Look at this an an opportunity for the kiddies to experience different cuisines.

If you're a fan of sushi, Fujiyama has a sushi bar where you can watch the sushi artist plying his trade.  A little less energetic than the table-side shows but perhaps even more artistic.