The Indianapolis Zoo dares you to touch a shark or plunge even deeper into the animal world with a one-of-a-kind Dolphin pavilion. The shark touch tank is the largest of its kind in the country and is surrounded by a wall that is just the right height for kids to observe and gently touch the sharks. Don't worry, these are the brine-eating variety without the movie-famous JAWS. It  After a personal encounter, the little ones can dry their hands inside the jaws of a graphic shark!

The zoo is also home to the world’s first completely submerged dolphin-viewing experience giving visitors the chance to watch dolphins swim around them while the humans are inside a 30-foot-diameter acrylic-domed underwater room. And, it is home to the Midwest’s only human-dolphin interaction program, which gives small groups the chance to have in-water experiences with the dolphins. 

Walk further into the vast animal kingdom at the zoo and you will be invited to feed the giraffes by hand or wash an elephant in a unique ‘cageless’ environment. 

K'etnu and Ki'ak are the zoos two newest additions. The orphaned Alaska bear cubs, one female and one male, are littermates, approximately one year old, and weigh in around 100 pounds each. They are eating like crazy and adjusting very well to Indiana. 

The zoo is preparing for its newest permanent exhibit: “Cheetah: The Race for Survival”. Though the number of cheetahs has not yet been confirmed, the new facility will be able to accommodate up to six cheetahs. Not only will visitors take in multiple viewing areas of the world’s fastest land mammal, they will also get the chance to “Race a Cheetah” on a special machine as part of an interactive learning experience.

The zoo is located in Indianapolis in White River State Park, one of the largest urban state parks in the country.

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