The Indianapolis Museum of Art  welcomes you with free admission and a gorgeous campus (non-members pay $5 to park near the museum)! Once inside, ask about special exhibitions or what’s playing in The Toby and then head up the escalators to experience the rich collection of creativity on display in one of the largest encyclopedic art museums in the country. It’ll be hard, but don't miss the sixty foot Robert Irwin sculpture!  Closed on Mondays. 

With films and talks happening every week and 600 seats (and bean bags) to choose from, the freshly renovated Tobias Theater is Indy’s new living room. If you’re a cinema lover, lecture junkie, or simply crave culturally adventurous performances, The Toby is for you. Check the program schedule and get ticket discounts at

If the beauty confined inside the walls of climate controlled galleries starts to be too overwhelming, escape to the outdoors and refresh your senses with a walk through the museum’s gardens on your way over to Lilly House. For the really adventurous, head down and across the canal for a hike in the Art & Nature Park. Look out for moles!

Make it your art; spend a day at the IMA.