The city of Fort Wayne is in a temperate zone which gets all four seasons each year.  During the winter months the city can get quite cold, with temperatures dropping into the 20's and below.  The summers in Fort Wayne are generally warm, the average high temperature in July and August being somewhere in the 80's.  Spring and fall in the region are cool and pleasant, though the spring months often get a lot of rain, up to 5 inches a month on average.  Spring in Fort Wayne also tends to come earlier than in some places with temperate climates.  The temperatures begins warming up in the city around April, a month or so earlier than in cities further north. Winter can be a bit of a roller coater ride. For example, recently Fort Wayne had close to 10 inches of snow. It was very cold. About a week or so later, the temperature went up to 60 degrees. It was spring like for a few days. That is not unusual winter weather for the area. It happens fairly often. The city sees its share of cold and snowy weather. It can also switch quickly, too. 

Visitors come to Fort Wayne during all times of the year as the city offers many attractions which are not weather dependent.  It is also a destination for business travelers.

For a complete, daily weather forecast of Fort Wayne visit Yahoo's Fort Wayne's weather page.