Two large YMCA's are located in Evansville.  A great place to have fun and get exercise.  The downtown YMCA is near the center of Downtown, a block or so North of the new Ford Center stadium or The Victory Theater and a block East of the Old Courthouse

Downtown YMCA
222 NW 6th Street
Evansville, IN 47708

The newest YMCA is located on the far East Side of Evansville.(about 1 mile North of the East Side Wal-Mart & Target, or next to LOWES, or near the East Side Aldi and Culvers)

Dunigan Family YMCA
6846 Oak Grove Road
Evansville, IN 47715

YMCA Evansville home page

Membership is available or one may pay as little as $5 for a day pass to swim, exercise, play basketball etc. Take some classes if they are available as well. Call or ask concerning day passes.

The downtown pool is large and deep with a diving board, the East Side Dunigan pool has a large kiddy area, along with a water park and two lap swimming lanes as well as a zero entry area.

The Dunigan, East Side, facility recently completed a 20,000 foot expansion of their workout area (2012-2013) and other additions to the pool area are well underweigh as well.   Dunigan's pool facility, in addition to male and female locker rooms, also has some family changing rooms as well.  Some of the family changing rooms have showers in them, others are just small rooms to change in.  Pick up towels at the counter.


The downtown YMCA is largly the old Central High School Gymnasium.  The Gymnasium was saved but the the historic register High School was torn down back in the 1970's to make a parking lot (idiots).  Regardless, the YMCA is very nice and different..Ask for a tour of the facility to know where everything is.  it will probably take you 15 minutes or more to quickly see most of it.  In addition to the main workout rooms, there's many large rooms even under the stands in the main gym, where classes and workout weight rooms are available as well. 

If you're a jogger, you should check out the large 4 lane indoor running track at the top of the main basketball gym.  Some newer areas and renovation has made the downtown YMCA a unique and fun place to work out.  The downtown YMCA is also across the street from the downtown public tranportation Bus Station if you need to get around that way in town.


There's a huge amount of modern workout equipment, machines etc. at the Dunigan East Side location. It's a more modern facility. The downtown also has a tremendous amount of equipment as well but is more crammed into the space that they have.  You'll see all sorts of people working out at the facilities. Visit the game room and children's area's as well as the upstairs basketball and workout tracks. At night there may be people playing basketball or vollyball and other activities in the main gym's.


Both facilities offer free child watch during part of most days.  See the website for details.  Childwatch is available for up to 2 hours.


Both YMCA's have game rooms for children.  The downtown game room is huge and has a lot of character to it.  Note, game rooms are usually closed at night and on Sundays.  Billiards, ping pong, video games and lots of other things are there for kids to enjoy. 


There's usually a bowl of fruit, apples etc., snacks or chips available for purchase at the front desk.. Usually around 50 cents at the start of 2013.There may be some other machines with things to eat as well.


Be sure and ask for a lock at the front desk for your belongings in the locker room, or some small lock boxes are available near the desk as well. Since key and combination U locks can be easily picked or jimmied (see you tube videos)  One shouldn't put many valuable items in the locker room.  You may want to consider placing your billfold in the mini lockers within sight of the front desk.  The writer of this article personally knows someone that had their sunglasses taken while in the pool area as well.  Their sunglasses were next to their towel.