Chicago is known as the Windy City. The name comes from its "windy" politicians, but it could just as easily apply to the winds that howl in off Lake Michigan. They are a welcome relief during hot summers and a brutal reality during frigid winters.






In the spring, temperatures begin to moderate and the city comes alive again. But always carry a jacket and umbrella. As the saying goes: "If you don't like the weather in Chicago, wait 10 minutes" and it will change. You might consider waterproof boots as well if you're coming early in the season. April snow showers are possible and the winter snowmelt can result in deep puddles at city street corners.






June is usually temperate, but July and August can be hot and humid. This is the time to head to the lakefront, where it's always cooler.  The city comes alive in the summer with free neighborhood festivals, lakefront spectacles such as the Air and Water Show and the Venetian Night boat parade, fireworks at Navy Pier every Wednesday and Saturday, free concerts around the Loop and at Millennium Park, and, of course, the huge Taste of Chicago, the food and music fest that is always the week leading up to the Fourth of July holiday.






September brings some of the nicest weather of the year, with moderate temperatures during the day and cool nights. The parks and forest preserves that surround the city are ablaze with the reds, yellows and oranges of autumn. By late October and early November, the temperatures start to fall, evenings can be quite chilly and while snow is unlikely, it is definitely possible.  






Winters can be brutal, so the city works hard to lure visitors with hotel bargains, shopping deals, a full slate of performing arts and even a winter festival. Just dress for the challenge of a 17 degree below zero wind chill. And note that many museums and attractions are closed on Thanksgiving Day (the fourth Thursday of November) and nearly everything in the city is closed on Christmas Day (Dec. 25).









National Weather Service - Chicago 7 Day Forecast