Here are the facts on Supernatural Chicago.

1: IT'S NOT A TOUR. It's a one-man theater show. Some people like multi-hour tours on buses that cruise around the city, but not everybody has that kind of time. For them, this show delivers the stories that the paranormally curious must experience, all inside an hour and a half. And you even get two drinks in the process.

2: IT'S NOT A SCREAMFEST. Yes, it's got a creepy edge to it; you are, after all, listening to true tales of the unexplained, participating in strange demonstrations, and sitting in a nightclub that you are reminded is considered one of the most haunted in Chicago. But nobody in a hockey mask is going to jump out at you from a darkened hallway. There are moments where it's even quite funny. This is a strange and sophisticated good time.

3. IT'S NOT JUST FOR 21-YEAR-OLDS. Even though it's performed within a nightclub, minors can see the show -- the content is perfectly appropriate for guests of high school age and up. Guests under 21 will, of course, have to stick to soft drinks and cannot stay in the club afterward; guests of legal drinking age, on the other hand, will be able to enjoy the amenities of Excalibur until closing time (4am!).

4. IT'S INTERACTIVE, NOT INTIMIDATING. Nobody makes you do anything that would embarass you; this isn't a laugh-at-the-poor-sucker hypnotism show. You are always respected. The only person ever at risk is the performer (and he's used to it).

5. IT'S NOT FOR EVERYBODY. If you come expecting standup comedy or serious nightmare fodder, you'll be dissappointed. (If you have a short attention span and demand entertainment that provides you with a sizable explosion every few minutes, you might even fall asleep.) On the other hand, if you enjoy soaking up subtly creepy vibes and come with a desire to hear and experience pages from Chicago's paranormal past, you'll probably have a great time (judging from the numerous rave reviews at TripAdvisor and Yelp).

6. THERE ARE NO BAD SEATS. The show seating maxes out at 50 (more about that below), so everybody can see and interact. It's like your own little private party, only weirder.

7. IT'S VALUE PACKED. Guests get seating for the show, admission to Excalibur nightclub for the evening, and two drinks, all for $25 per person.

8. IT'S EASY TO SCHEDULE. Provided you have a Friday evening free, the show is short, starts early enough to fit in some quality clubbing afterward, and is actually located in a nightclub so you don't have to stumble far to find quality clubbing afterward. Best of all, it's conveniently situated in the heart of Chicago's River North area (which is easy walking distance from several hotels, and right across the street from the Hard Rock Cafe). Tickets are usually available at the door, but if you don't want to risk it, buy them online from the Supernatural Chicago website.

9, 10, 11, 12, 13. THAT'S EVERYTHING. It just seemed appropriate to end on 13.