If you plan to visit Okefenokee Swamp for a day visit, use the Folkston entrance to the Swamp - this will take you to the National Wildlife Refuge. The Okenfenokee Swamp Park (a private attraction) near Waycross might be more attractive to families with small children. The National Wildlife Refuge entrance near Folkston has wonderful boat rides with Okefenokee Adventures down the Suwanee Canal and Chesser Prairie. There are lots of alligators, big and small, many different types of turtles, Great Blue Herons, Great Egrets, Kingfisher and White Ibis on the 90-minute boat ride. Take the drive through the area as well - you may see a female alligator with her young in one of the water filled areas along the drive. The boat guides are knowledgeable and interesting, and try to ensure you get great pictures on your ride.