Kids will certainly enjoy knowing and experiencing those old days of the Gold Rush in Dahlonega. Visit the sites where the rough work happened!

Take an underground tour into the gold mines. Consolidated Gold Mines organizes one of the most popular visits sixty feet below the earth that include gold panning and gem grubbing, yes, do it as in the old days! You won't only be a part of the adventure as you walk along the tunnels but also know about the rock mining techniques and equipment used in the excavations. For furher details, check the tour's website at

Crisson Gold Mine also allows visitors to pan for gold and gems. A this open pit gold mine, mine work initiated in 1847 until the 1980's when it was closed for business. Visitors will know the changes in mining techniques and equipment over the century of work at the mine. You can buy ore by the bucket, you can pan for the gold at the mine. Kids will delight at the idea of finding gems such as rubies, sapphires ad amethysts and complete the procedure with a detailed grubbing that shows their hidden beauty.

If you happen to be in October, don't miss Gold Rush Days when Dahlobega celebrates the discovery of Gold in 1828. There are many activities such as parades, buck dancing and games for the children; the kids will be even able to pan some gold.