There are several modes of public transportation offered in the city of West Palm Beach, connecting you to locations within the city, as well as the surrounding areas: taxi, limousine, bus (PalmTran), and train (Tri-Rail).

PalmTran is a fixed route and connection service that won the 2006 Urban Community Transportation of the Year Award for its "innovative and creative service to the community." Depending on the time of year, PalmTran carries 25,000 to 35,000 passengers a year. PalmTran is located at 3201 Electronics Way. PalmTran runs seven days a week, except for some holidays,.For the safety of the passengers, it is equipped with surveilance cameras.

Tri-Rail is a commuter service joining Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. The 80-year old station is located on South Tamarind Avenue. It has 13 stops between West Palm Beach and Miami, and a one-way fare is an easily doable $5.50. Amtrak is one of lines it services.

There is a single phone number for taxis that serves multiple cab companies. Though some services may charge more, the typical fare starts at $1.25 and rises to $2.00 per mile within the city limits and beyond. That single phone number is 561-689-4222.