When visiting Tampa you have many different options to get around with.  You can either rent a car, use the taxis or the bus.

Tampa's bus service, HART, services all areas of Hillsborough County.  If you arrive at the airport, you can take the route 30 straight to downtown Tampa and you can purchase yourself a 3 day vistor's pass, which is good on all local routes as well as the Tecoline Streetcar.  You can really see what Tampa is from the bus, a lot of which you would miss if you were driving yourself around trying to find your destination.  Tampa has a lot of History and to get a reader's digest version of that history you can visit the Tampa History Museum and you can reach it by riding on one of Tampa's Historic Streetcars.  You can also see most of Tampa's historical landmarks by bus as well.  If you are a history buff, then you will LOVE visiting Tampa. 

There are also express buses that stop at the green stops along Nebraska Ave. HART offers a smart phone application that allows you to see what time the buses will be arriving at specific stops.  

Here are some helpful links for you to plan your next trip to Tampa:


TECO Line Streetcar

Tampa History Museum

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