Bern's Steak House is world famous for their steaks and their wine cellar (one of the largest in the world). What many people do not realize is that it is extremely reasonable. For the price of the steak, the French onion soup, potato and vegetables and a terrific salad are included at no extra charge. So if you pay $35 for a 6-8 oz steak, the soup, potato, salad and vegetables which would cost an additional $20-$25 at any other steak house are included. Their wine prices in many cases are the same that you would pay yourself in a liquor store because they buy in large quantities and store it. They also have tanks full of fresh fish swimming around. This place is truly a bargain for fine dining. Bern's also has a famous dessert room which is not cheap, but is a wonderful experience. They also have terrific sugar free selections for diabetics. Some Tampa couples will go to a movie and go out afterwards to the dessert room. When you arrive for dinner your waiter will ask if you want a tour of the kitchen and wine cellar (well worth it and free) and if you want him or her to reserve a table in the dessert room. Say yes to both.