Gator farms are gruesome, botanical gardens are seasonally pretty, but Big Cat Rescue is a Must See in Tampa for each and every day. It's truly unique, so don't pass it up! There's something new and different on every trip.

  To visit Tampa and spend some time at Big Cat Rescue really opens your eyes to the sincere caring that these cats - domestic & wild - are given on a daily basis. After they have been abused by humans for whatever reason, Big Cat steps in to heal and nurture these victimized animals. They not only educate visitors year 'round, but they have summer camp(s) for youths and teens. It's just heartwarming, to see all of the happy cats; the same feeling is reflected by their personnel. They also host an annual Fur Ball {get the pun?} to help raise awareness in the public.

  Please visit this noble sanctuary and spread the word about their passionate work.