Bad weather is something that visitors shouldn't worry about when visiting Sarasota. It is said to be one of its prime attractions as its annual high temperature is 82.8 F that is 28.2 C. Even when the forecast announces rain or thunderstorms, it will probably be just for a while and much of the day will be sunny.

The area's peak season begins in February and continues until Easter, when accommodation reservations are necessary. The value season is June through September.

Sarasota hottest months are June, July and August with temperatures hitting the 90's degrees; the coldest being December, January and February in the low 70's degrees.

You can check for weather updates at or at .

If you are going out sailing, check the marine weather forecasts which are issued at least four times a day. The city government recommends that boaters should monitor forecast announcements several times a day for updates specially if they will be several days out in the sea.