St. Petersburg has a number of popular museums.

The Salvador Dali Museum is a consistent crowd pleaser showcasing the most comprehensive collection of the works of Dali in the world.

Florida International Museum features educational, historic and cultural exhibits.  From memorabilia of the late Princess Diana to the Dead Sea Scrolls, it is always worth checking out what is currently available to be seen.

The Florida Holocaust Museum has a vast collection, some to do directly with the holocaust and many completely unrelated.

St.Petersburg's Museum of Fine Arts  consistantly offers strange and unusual exhibits of modern art forms as well as some of the traditional types.

The St.Petersburg Museum of History is located just before the Pier. This museum focuses on the history of the Pinellas county region but also has some exhibits with a more modern feel, relatively speaking.  Aviation buffs may be interested in the full size replica of Benoist Airboat like one that operated here commercially in 1914, flown by Tony Jannus.