There is a wide range of cuisines within a relatively small area in St Pete Beach. The chains are well represented with McDonald's, IHOP, Chick-fil-a, Bennigans, and Subway. However there are some really good local restaurants that don't cost much more and deliver something different.

For a great breakfast try Beverly's La Croisette on Corey Avenue. Wonderful choice of menu items, great service, many different kinds of Eggs Benedict - you may have to wait in line for a table but it will be worth it. Another ideal place for breakfast is the Frog Pond, almost opposite Beverley's at 7390 Gulf Boulevard. For an alternative breakfast or brunch the Caribbean Bay Cafe on 6203 Gulf Boulevard (opposite the Travelodge) serves good Cuban sandwiches as well as many other breakfast items. Or the Seahorse in Pass-a-Grille as mentioned below.

Skidders on Gulf Boulevard has a huge choice on the menu and is always busy, people are often seen queuing out of the door. They have Early Bird specials but prices are not particularly expensive anyway. They offer Italian and Greek cuisine, with great pizza and desserts. 

Snappers also on Gulf Boulevard is more up market, very innovative cuisine, great wine list, prices to match.

Shells in the Travelodge is part of a chain, but they provide excellent casual seafood dining, reasonable prices and great drinks. Go now because the Travelodge is not long for this world. That's why a visit to the Swigwam beach bar there is also a must.  See also the Undertow for raucous fun (if it is still around-- lots of small beach bars are being replaced by condos).

Nori Thai on Blind Pass Road has wonderful sushi and an extensive Thai menu, reasonably priced and good house wine.   Also on Blind Pass Road, just before Treasure Island, is Groupers (small place voted best grouper sandwich among the locals).

In Pass-a-Grille, at the south end of St Pete Beach, the Seahorse (8th Ave and Pass-a-Grille Way--where locals go for breakfast and lunch - lots of egg dishes), Gennarro's (22nd Ave and PAG Way--locals' Italian), the Wharf (22nd Ave and PAG Way--local hang out) and the Hurricane (9th Ave and Gulf Way--touristy) are worth a visit and in the case of the Hurricane, great sunsets (rooftop great for a drink and sunset view).  On the gulf front, if the weather is good grab a light bite at the Seaside Grille (outdoor snack bar/ breakfast and lunch across the street from the Hurricane on the gulf).

Back on the beach, for a great steak and a lot more head for Silas Dent's Steakhouse. Just up from the Tradewinds, interesting story and great food.

Try the beach trolley to give you access to lots more restaurants without parking/DUI concerns. The area is very safe, and invests a great deal in community police protection.  Be careful when crossing Gulf Boulevard as a pedestrian. 

Pass-a-Grille will remind you of how Florida's beaches used to be.  Take a stroll down historic 8th Avenue in Pass-a-Grille ( south end of beach) and visit Corey Avenue (north end of St. Pete Beach). While you are in Corey Avenue consider a movie at the Beach Theater.