St George Island is one of the few "unspoiled" beaches on the east coast.  Little commercialism and lots of quiet, beach time.  Fishi

St. George Island is best described as unspoiled, friendly and quiet compared to the near insanity of other panhandle spots such as Panama City.  The typical people that vacation on St. George Island are families with children. One of the joys of St. George Island is that the beaches are not so packed that people are stumbling over you.  It is easy to find a somewhat isolated spot, although total desertion of a beach is not likely.  Everyone seems comfortable chatting with each other as they walk down the beach.   Kids and parents dig in the sand making castles, moats, or just tiring attempts to dig down as far into the sand as possible.  Dolphins can be regularly seen swimming in the “gulf side” waters, with shrimp boats working the waters for the days catch. 

There are a number of shops on the island.  This includes the typical compliment of T-shirt and souvenirs places.  There are some nice finds between all the typically beach toys, bikinis and mugs.  There are three stores that sell groceries, but expect to pay a premium for the convenience of shopping on the island.  (For better process consider the Dollar General in Eastpoint or the IGA & Piggly Wiggly in Apalachicola.)

There are a couple of bars on the island.  The Blue Parrot draws the tourists.  Eddie Teaches draws the locals.  Both are fun, and both are pricey, but this is a resort island. 

For activities a couple of shops rent kayaks, jet skis and the other typical water toys.  People regularly try their luck at fishing from the shore.  A fun thing to do is catch crabs at night on the beach.  Some do eat them, but the ones scampering about are small – it would take 15 or so to make a meal.  All you need is a flashlight and bucket.  A net (sold in may forms and qualities in many shops on the island) makes it easier and less painful!  Bring a flashlight!  Do not however plan to try this activity in May or June, when sea turtles come to nest.  Flashlights on the beach can prevent them coming ashore.  It is alright to sit and watch, so bring a beach chair and enjoy the beach at night too.

Regarding lodging there are two motels/hotels on the island.  The St. George Inn in an older historic hotel with wonderful views and atmosphere.  The Buccaneer is a 1970’s style motel with a typical motel feel, but less expensive prices than the Inn.  It is also right on the beach.  Many people rent condos and houses on the beach or with very easy beach access.  There are a number of real estate companies that manage and maintain these for their owners.  Quality and prices vary widely.  Do your homework.  With the market being the way it is the posted prices are negotiable depending upon the property owner.  Agents seem to be able to immediately cut 10% - 15% off, but offers lower than that will need the owners to be contacted.  For example, you could secure a 2 floor, 2 bedroom condo on the beach that also shares a freshwater pool, listed for spring break week at $1695 for $1200.  Deals can be had.