Saint Augustine can be enjoyed at night at least as much as it is enjoyed during the day.  In the summer, the temperature cools off in the evenings but the sunlight remains shining late in to the evening, making trips to the beach a favorite activity of many travelers.  Visitors are reminded that no alcohol is allowed on the beaches, but nighttime picnics are always an option and certain areas allow bonfires.  Fires must be 'contained', so theoretically you can do a bonfire in your hibachi.

For those travelers who are more interested in the social nightlife of Saint Augustine, some places to check out include:

  • Mardi Gras Sports Bar is easily one of the most "happening" places in town. They have HD tv's everywhere, they always have something going on: from live bands to bikini motorcycle/car washes, to televised "fight nights" from the major sanctioning bodies, drink specials, pool and darts, you name it. They have great bartenders and the customers are very friendly; bikers, tourists, students and locals all interacting together and having fun. If you consider what they offer, it may be one of the best bars in NE Florida. Their website is
  • A1A Ale Works Brewery is one of the trendier spots in Saint Augustine, favored by a 30's-40's crowd.  
  • Bar None Saloon is a popular biker bar frequented by a slightly older but rather rowdy crowd.
  • Scarlett O’Hara’s is a bar which offers indoor and outdoor seating, live music and sports on multiple television screens.  Though it is named after the hoity-toity star of the movie “Gone with the Wind”, this place is down-to-earth and draws in a younger 20-30's laidback crowd.
  • Trade Winds Lounge ( is a popular drinking spot which has been in the area since the middle of the twentieth century.  They offer live music nightly and are visited regularly by both tourists and locals.  It is known as somewhat of a 'biker/redneck' bar, and some bands display a large Dixie flag behind them while playing.  Mostly late 40-ish crowd on up...
  • The drink prices cannot be beat at the St. George Tavern, on St. George between Hypolita and Treasury.  Tuesday is 2 for 1 prices on domestic drafts and well drinks! and Wednesday night is $1 drafts (domestic only).  21-70 age range.   Serves excellent value sandwiches and burgers during the day (No Smoking).  Grill shuts off at 5PM or so, then it becomes drinks only and smoking allowed.  Drink specials start at 8PM but after 10PM smokers crown in and overwhelm the ventilation system so your clothes are guaranteed to be fumigated with tobacco smoke.  So if you don't want cigarrette smoke, avoid it after 10PM, it is very smoky.
  • Sangria's (Hypolita and St. George) and Stogies (Charlotte between Hypolita and Cuna) are a block apart and have the same owner.  More or less the same format (Jazz/Blues) where Stogies is very smoky, Sangria's serves food and hence is no smoking.
  • The Prince of Wales is a great little British pub on the corner of Spanish and Cuna, British atmosphere and very good fish and chips and other British specialties.  Dine in, or on the wraparound porch.
  • The Rendezvous is tucked into a mini-mall on St. George street.  160 beers (bottles only) from around the world, but at a price.
  • J.P. Henley's on the bayfront next to A1A Aleworks:  100 beers from around the world, 50 of which are on tap.  Large screen tv for sports. Mainly a dining crowd early, but later it is very much a young hangout 20's and 30's. Friendly locals mix with dazed tourists.  Smoking is allowed "out back," where they have a couple of benches set up under a porch.
  • Ann O'Malleys is a wee Irish pub near the city gates on Orange Street.  Serves sandwiches until closing so it is one of the later places to grab a bite.
  • La Taberna Del Gallo on St. George Street, a small 18th century pub part of the Colonial Spanish  Quarter.  Sam Adams, Yuengling and Cider on tap.  Excellent Sangria and wines also available.  Hot mulled wine sometimes during colder weather.  No electric light, just candles and tiki torches out back.  Irregular hours, W,TH 2-6pm.  Fri-Sun 2PM-10PM-ish.  Sometimes you can catch some of the living historians singing sea shanties.
  • Giggling Gator, King Street.  Sports bar
  • The British Pub ,Just across the Bridge of Lions, Has Great beers and wines. At 9pm Tues - Sun, they run the most sophisticated Karaoke party ever seen. Beautiful outside patio with fire pit for those cool nights. Open at 4pm till 2am.Definitely a local favorite.
  • Hurricane Patty's is hidden off Highway 1 not too far from town and fancies itself as sort of a pirate bar, lively themed parties and good food.  Marina next door.  
  • The Oriole's Nest, Spanish Street.  Private Club (Most people still refer to it as 'Backstreets', which was its name prior to its current incarnation).  Admission to members and their guests only.  Currently being tranformed so as to be able to offer food with indoor seating.  At night most nights, they cook up tasty bites (sausage, dogs, corned beef sandwiches or whatever strikes their fancy) in their driveway, a good place for a quick bite after 10PM.  Beat up foosball table, juke box, local musicians some nights.
  • REMEMBER, when your out on the town be safe, have big fun and don't drink and drive. Call "RIDES" 904-392-0294