Public transportation in the St. Augustine area is unlike public transportation in major cities.  However, for those travelers who simply do not want to (or are unable to) travel around Saint Augustine on their own, public transportation may be an option. 

The public transportation system in Saint Augustine is operated by the Sunshine Bus Company ( and is a public transportation van system operated through a partnership with the St. John’s Council on Aging and the Jacksonville Transit Authority. The Sunshine Bus Company recently received national recognition when named Transportation Provider of the Year by the Community Transportation Authority of America.

The Sunshine Bus Company operates six different lines and a connector route all of which service different areas of St. Augustine.  There are routes to outlying areas of St. Johns County such as Hastings, Armstrong and Flagler Estates and bus service to Jacksonville as well.  The routes taken by each of the lines can be found online at   The Sunshine Bus is a fixed route service although travelers can board or un-board the bus at any street corner located along the route. This makes the Sunshine Bus an efficient option for those who do opt to utilize the system.  Visitors who are seeking to get from Saint Augustine to the public transportation in Jacksonville  often do make use of the Saint Augustine public transportation system. At just $1.00 each way, riding the Sunshine Bus is an economical choice for either the resident or visitor to St. Johns County.

 Another company which can take you further afield is Ride Solutions which offers limited regional transport to Palatka (nearest Amtrak station) and to Gainesville (Airport, VA Hospital and home of the University of Florida)