Regarding hurricanes, there has not been a significant hurricane that affected St. Augustine since 1950.  Although there may be  named hurricanes and tropical depressions nearby, very rarely does the area get affected by any significant weather of any magnitude. Visitors who do opt to travel to the area during hurricane season should be aware of the evacuation route for the area in case of a hurricane emergency, and should listen to local media, or visit to stay updated on the status and progress of any storms in the Atlantic while visiting (hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30.

Visitors come to  visit St. Augustine at all times of the year.  Many people choose to visit the area during the winter months.  This is because even when it is getting cold and snowy in the rest of the world, St. Augustine is experiencing nice weather.  Average winter temperatures in St. Augustine hover around sixty five or seventy degrees during the day, with lows rarely being much lower than fifty degrees.  The Florida summers are not unbearably hot, with temperatures rarely rising over ninety degrees.  However, visitors coming from dry climates are reminded that the humidity in Florida is very high and it often feels much hotter than it is.