Travelers often benefit greatly from reading about an area before visiting it.  Travel guides can help visitors plan for their trips while other types of books can provide interesting information about the history and culture of the area to be visited.  All of this reading tends to excite visitors about their upcoming trip and to enhance the travel experience.

Five books recommended for St. Augustine travelers which they might not find on their own are:

  • “A Ghostly Experience: Tales of Saint Augustine Florida” by Suzy Cain and Dianne Thompson Jacoby.  This book tells the stories of ghosts reported to be seen in the area. .
  • “A Woman’s Path: Women’s Best Spiritual Traveling” by Lucy McCauley, Amy Greimann Carlson, and Jennifer Leo.  This book is excellent for women traveling alone or with other women.
  • “America’s First City: Saint Augustine’s Historic Neighborhoods” by Karen G. Harvey.  This book is great for travelers who are interested in the architecture of the place they are visiting. .
  • “River of Lakes: A Journey on St. John’s River” by Bill Belleville.  This book makes a case for protection of the natural areas surrounding Saint Augustine. .
  • “The Unofficial Guide to South Florida Including Miami and the Keys” by Lea Lane.  This is a travel guide which is useful for St. Augustine visitors who might wish to explore nearby areas during their stay. .