St. George Street (between Cathedral Place and Orange Street) has great shops and restaurants on both sides of the street, but is also very touristy with tshirt shops, ice cream parlors and lots of import goods.  Back in the 60's vehicles were permitted to drive down this street.  Now the street is blocked off to traffic. The St. George Tavern is a long-time fixture...and it is still there!  Wonderful merchandise awaits you in the shops just off of St. George too, such as Hypolita, Cordova, Spanish and Cuna. Try The Bunnery for a yummy breakfast! Restaurants like Cafe del Hidalgo (gelato, coffee, salads and paninis) and Mi Casa Cafe (lunch and a biergarten) are popular and the food is great.  The Mill Top Tavern, Florida Cracker Cafe and Mi Casa have live music. When visiting St. Augustine, be sure to visit the St. George Street neighborhood.  It is quite an experience!(Tip: make sure to say "St. George Street" NOT George Street, a common tourist mistake)

 Most shops close at 5pm or 6pm on weekdays, but restaurants and bars stay open later.