Pompano Beach is located on the southeast coast of Florida, in close proximity to other popular resorts such as Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Miami (all within approximately 35 miles of Pompano).

This region of Florida is blessed with a semi-tropical climate, which makes the beaches in this part of Florida “swimmable” all year long! The coolest water temperatures occur during winter, from November to February, averaging a comfortable 73 degrees F.  During the hot and humid months of summer, water temperatures average a warm 86 degrees F!

The rainy season occurs between May and October, during which time the region receives more than 70 percent of its annual rainfall.  This is also the hot and humid time of year, with temperatures ranging from 70 to 92 degrees F (with  July and August being the hottest).  Humidity can become a little uncomfortable at times; even at night.  Hurricane season begins in late summer.

Starting early November, the days and nights start cooling down, with less humidly.  This is considered the best time to visit, especially if your planning outdoor activities and sports: comfortable temperatures prevail (60 degrees F to 82 degrees F), and low humidly with lots of sunshine and soothing breezes.