Travelers may find it useful to obtain information about Pensacola prior to their trip to the area.  This can assist with the planning of the trip and help visitors to determine important things such as where to stay, what to do, and when to go (or avoid going) to certain attractions in the area.  The most useful place to begin getting such information is the local tourist information center.

The main office of the Pensacola tourist information center is located at 1401 E. Gregory Street.  Travelers can get driving maps to the area at or  Travelers can reach the center by phone at (800) 874-1234.  The center is also easily reached by email via their website which is  This website is also an excellent starting place for obtaining information for the planning of a Pensacola trip.  It provides all of the basic information a traveler might be interested in learning about and also offers information on ordering guides and brochures for the trip, some of which are free to website visitors. Visitors can also request a free visitor guide to be mailed to them.

Travelers may also find that they can gain important information about the area from the Tourist Information Center which is designed not for greater Pensacola but specifically for the Pensacola Beach area.  The website for that visitor’s center is