Travelers interested in obtaining more information about Pensacola before a trip to the area might enjoy reading the following books:

  • “Always the Rivers Flow: Essays on West Florida Heritage By A Pensacola Newspaper Editor” by Jesse Earle Bowden.  These easy-to-read essays are excellent for the flight to Pensacola. .
  • “Keys Cuisine: Flavor of the Florida Keys” by Linda Gassenheimer.  Although Pensacola isn’t the Keys, some of the food has trickled up from there and readers will get a sense of the flavor of the area by reading about it. .
  • “Orlando, Central and Northern Florida: An Explorer’s Guide: Includes St. Augustine, Pensacola and Jacksonville” by Sandra Friend and Kathy Wolf.  This travel guide is excellent for the Pensacola traveler who will also be exploring the surrounding area.
  • “Pensacola Bay: A Military History” by Dale Manuel.  This photographic history gives readers insight into the influence of the military in the area throughout the decades.
  • “Pensacola During the Civil War: A Thorn in the Side of the Confederacy” by George F. Pearce.  This historical account provides much information about the formation of the area and its place in American history. .
  • “Pensacola in Vintage Postcards” by The Pensacola Historical Society.  This photo collage shows the history of the area.
  • “We Will Have Music: The Story of the Greater Pensacola Symphony Orchestra” by Elizabeth Vickers.  This book is written for any visitor who might be interested in the performing arts of the area. .