There are three basic neighborhoods which travelers can use to differentiate the different attractions and lifestyle offerings of Pensacola. The main two neighborhoods enjoyed by tourists are the beach and the historic downtown area.  The third neighborhood is North Pensacola, which is a place generally enjoyed more by Pensacola locals than travelers to the area.  This does not mean that travelers shouldn’t head there, though.  In fact, travelers seeking a low key experience of the area where they can truly begin to understand the people living there will probably find North Pensacola to be the most refreshing of the three neighborhoods.

Pensacola Beach is its own little section of Pensacola and is actually located on Santa Rosa Island, just past the City of Gulf Breeze.  This is where travelers would go to have the tourist experience, complete with seaside dining options and sightseeing trinket stores.  The beaches of the area are beautiful and visitors seeking to experience the coast will want to make sure that this is where they spend a bulk of their time.  More information is available at the area’s official website:

Downtown Pensacola is the historic old city of the area.   Travelers may want to try to find accommodations Downtown, Pensacola Beach is a short fifteen minute drive from there.   Many attractions exist in this area and it is recommended that visitors explore on foot to get the most out of the experience.  The Historic Village offers daily tours.  Many of the area's fine dinning restaurants are located in the Historic District and most of the Downtown eateries are locally owned and operated.  If traveling during the summer, be sure to take advantage of the free concerts, "Evenings in 'Ole Seville".  Pack a picnic and bring a blanket or lawn chair and enjoy a variety of Music.  This concert series begins in May and runs through August. For more information visit:  Night clubs are also located in Downtown Pensacola.

Fall is considered festival season for Downtown Pensacola.  September hosts the Seafood Festival, October hosts the Greek Festival and November hosts the Gulf Coast Arts Festival  and a Gallery Night, a must do event for any art lover.

No trip to Downtown would be complete without a visit to Pensacola's biggest fish market, Joe Patti's Seafood.  Go here to view some of the freshest fish and other delicacies from the sea.  Joe Patti's has been a Pensacola institution since the 1930's.

North Pensacola is where you will find many chain restaurants, movie theaters, shopping malls, hospitals and department stores.  This is the area most native Pensacolians go to shop and enjoy a night out for dinner and a movie. 

TOURIST WARNING: If you need maintenance prescriptions the town has a POLICY that prevents most pharmacists from filling non-local prescriptions. So if you can't bring enough meds, or if your doctor increases the dose rate you run into a problem. If you really need additional medication, go to the Emergency Room!!!