• With 52 miles of beaches, the Pensacola Bay Area brings adventure on and off land. From canoeing through the “Canoe Capital of Florida and fishing off the Gulf of Mexico’s longest pier to relaxing on the lazy river and screeching around the go-cart track, the destination offers an array of explorations. 
  • The area was the “best-kept secret in the diving world” until the sinking of the Oriskany - world’s largest artificial reef - in 2006. Now known as a “must-see” diving spot, other popular sites include USS Massachusetts, one of the oldest existing American battleships attracting bountiful marine life and the Antares, a 400-foot freighter populated with moray eels, red snapper, grouper, cobia and amberjack. Additional diving activities include spear fishing dives, underwater photography and even undersea weddings.
  • With 343 days of sunshine matched with plentiful bodies of water, docks and bridges, the Pensacola Bay Area is an angler’s paradise. The area is most popularly known for offshore fishing for grouper, tuna and illusive marlin.
  • Paddleboarding, which has become increasingly popular, is now available at Big Lagoon State Park and Pensacola Beach.