One of the few remaining active aids to navigation owned by the U.S. Coast Guard, the PENSACOLA LIGHTHOUSE has withstood multiple hurricanes, six direct cannon hits during the Civil War and one earthquake. Yet, its flashing white beacon faithfully shines at 20-second intervals and is visible 27 miles at sea to lead sailors home. Pensacola is the oldest lighthouse site on the Gulf Coast and also the tallest  – standing a proud 171 feet tall on a forty foot bluff on the north side of Pensacola Pass. The lighthouse is built of brick and rests on a 40-foot deep granite foundation. The walls are 10-feet thick at the base and 3-feet thick at the top. Winding around a center pole 177 wrought-iron steps lead to the top of the tower and a wonderful 360 degree view of the Gulf Coast and Pensacola Bay. The Pensacola Lighthouse is open for public tours 7 days a week. Admission is $3.00 for children (must be 7 years old or 44 inches tall to climb lighthouse), seniors, and active duty military, $5.00 for adults. The lighthouse is also available for private tours or functions. Please visit the website for additional hours and special events such as: Blue Angels practice tours, Light of the Moon Ghost tours, and Paranormal tours: Annual Lighthouse Day Apr 2010