Boasted as one of the oldest settlements, Pensacola seems to have more than ghostly white beaches. Just recently, the haunted Pensacola Light House  appeared on SYFY's Ghost Hunters TV show. Pensacola, however, offers many locations that are just as haunted for ghost hunters, skeptics, and paranormal fans. Pensacola Comic Convention a yearly ghost haunting event was established to allow others to answer the burning question "Is Pensacola really haunted?" The event also caters to Fans of Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Gaming, Anime, Costuming, Fandom, Indie Films, Artists, Celebrity Guests, Comic Books, Video Gaming, Pop Culture, Voice Actors, Renaissance, Cosplay, Steampunk, Theater, Performing, Writers, Literature, Publishing, Arts, Mystery, Crafts, Collecting, Model Construction, Film Making, Paranormal, Vendors, Reality TV, and more! The event invites people to come out and enjoy the white sand beaches and haunted history of Pensacola, Florida. Pensacola Comic Convention  starts August 8 and 9 ,2015. Guests of all ages can join TV stars like George Noory of Coast to Coast AM Radio, Scott Tepperman of “Ghost Hunters International, Brian Joseph Harnois of Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters and Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters International, Dave Schrader of Darkness Radio, Brian J. Cano of SyFy Channels' Haunted Collector, Chris Mansuco of Sacred Flims,  Christopher and Philip Booth of Spooked TV, Ken Gerhard of Monster Quest, Daniel Emery Taylor of Swamp Thing, Alyne Pustanio Author, Deborah B.Lantz, Joey Ward of WGPRS, Nightmare Theatre, Bryan Whatley of Ghost Hunters, Morgan Beall of MUFON Florida and more.  There will be hands on investigations at the Pensacola Little Theatre,The Victorian Inn, and a Walking Haunted Historic Tour.This weekend of paranormal adventure includes Celebrity studded live investigations, meet and greets, vendors, ghost hunting equipment sales, and speakers. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Making Strides with Breast Cancer. Tickets start at $10. Some of the well known Pensacola Historically haunted locations are : Dorr House:Many visitors and guides have reported smelling Roses (fresh cut) at intervals followed by an EXTREMELY COLD spot. Roses were Mrs. Dorr’s favorite flower. Visitors have reported hearing soft crying coming from the sick room/sewing room. A word of warning to all who visit, MIND YOUR MANNERS! Mrs. Dorr doesn't allow rudeness and has been known to 'make sure' the perpetrator doesn't stay or wants to leave posthaste, making sure that she’s still the Lady of the house!Fort Pickens: Visitors feel presences in certain rooms; it seems like someone is watching you. House on Alcaniz Street : The Gray House on Alcaniz Street, which faces the Dorr House across Seville Square is said to be haunted. The ghost of a sea captain named Thomas Moristo who lived there in the 1700’s is believed to still reside there. When the home is vacant, a man has been seen peering through the windows. Many people who have lived there have reported that they will turn on the stove, go upstairs, then come down and find the stove turned off. On one incidence, a resident was painting the house and left the paint inside the front foyer. The next morning he found all the paint had been moved outside. - The house was once in a bad fire, and it is believed the ghost does these things attempting to prevent another fire. Many people have become too frightened and refused to live in this house, and some residences have claimed to see apparitions of the old man while inside the house. Light House: There is a story about the light house on the Navy base (NAS) being haunted by the former keeper. People have felt cold spots while touring the light house.New World Inn : The Inn and bar are said to be haunted by the previous owner. Several employees have reported seeing him. NAS Whiting Field - Branch Medical Clinic: The ghost of a Navy corpsman killed while stationed there reportedly roams the hallway between the lab and X-ray departments. He always is seen carrying something in his hands and wears a tech jacket. Original Sacred Heart Hospital: There is a hallway that is about where the nuns would cross to go to the chapel of the hospital. It is been reported that there is the kind old spirit of one of the sisters that frequents the hallway and corridor. She will often tap people on the shoulder Seville Quarter: Supposedly the location of a tragic accident About ten years ago there was a man named Wesley who would visit the bar at Seville Quarter frequently. He would visit so much, that he was offered a bartending job there. He worked there for a while and everyone loved him. Supposedly the location of a tragic accident. He fell in the beer cooler and hit his head, knocking himself out and he died there of hypothermia. St. Michael’s Cemetery: This is a large cemetery that was started when Pensacola was settled. This cemetery contains famous people and people that helped to shape Florida in history, politics, and commerce. People say they have seen lights circling gravestones. They have also heard voices inside the cemetery at night. Dasanai/Crampton Brewery: In this building sightings are expected because they happen like clockwork. Many people have said to see an elderly man walking the halls with an old lantern, he speaks in another language. He is said to appear in a mist and vanish in a bright flash of blue light. When the people see him, they are not afraid because he is not an evil spirit, but instead he is kind and helpful. Some workers in the building said that if they knock something off the wall or shelf he will catch it hand place it back where it was, they say that he even helps them clean messes and junk.