Palm Beach is well known for its great shopping malls and shopping areas. All of the country’s chain stores can be found in Palm Beach, as well as some unique boutiques. Galleries and unique handcrafted items are also available in several stores.

One of the most famous shopping areas in Palm Beach is called Worth Avenue . This area has many designer stores and high-end jewelry shops. It also features some of the best and most gourmet restaurants in all of Palm Beach.

The Gardens Mall is a typical shopping mall but the anchor stores are high-end. Shoppers can find Nordsrtom and Saks Fifth Avenue here, as well as more than 150 other smaller stores.

Other large shopping malls in the Palm Beach area include The Mall at Wellington Green , Palm Beach Mall , and the Town Center at Boca Raton . All of these malls feature typical “mall” stores and large department stores.

Palm Beach also has many shopping districts and specialty stores that are unique to the area.

Consignment Shops are a great way to be able to dress to like the residents of Palm Beach at a fraction of the cost.. There are several of these shops right next to each other at the corner of County Rd. and Sunset Avenue (known as Consignment Corner). With the recession, you can pretty much take 50% off theinflated price tags they've put on any item for consignment, as thereis a flood of merchandise hitting the market and fewer buyers.

Two places to visit are: Classic Collections and Attitudes. There's also a high-end goodwill offering Brooks Brothers merino wool heavyweight sweaters (never worn) for $16.  25%less if you're a senior citizen.  Expect a lot of  old, overpriced Chanel, but there are also great finds to be had.

There are also many art galleries scattered around the city.

Most of the areas around the popular beaches have smaller stores with some unique items including souvenirs.

There are also bars and many different types of restaurants near the beaches.