Raglan Road Irish Pub is a real Irish pub imported from Ireland.  Not just the beer is from Ireland; the entire structure was created in Ireland and imported to the USA to be reconstructed in Downtown Disney.  Some of the antiques like the magnificent wood bars are over 130 years old and were reclaimed from Dublin’s finest Victorian houses. The pub features artwork like a framed knockoff of the Mona Lisa with a foam moustache from drinking Guinness.  Brilliant!

Raglan Road has beautiful architecture, antique wood, stained glass, real beer, live Irish music in the evening, classic recorded Celtic music all day, and a menu created by a gourmet chef who was also imported from Ireland. The restaurant features foods like: Fada Burger (with bacon and tomato Chutney topped with Wexford Vintage Cheddar); It’s Not Bleedin’ Chowder (fresh seafood infused with in white wine and finished cream with fresh potato); Keen Eye for the Shepherds PieRaglan Road Rack of Lamb; One & One (Dublin-speak for beer battered Fish & Chips) and Planxty (Roast Pork Shank.) It’s like a bit of Dublin at Disney--wait--it IS a bit of Dublin at Disney. Slainte! 

There is a LOT of room here, enough for 400 diners at one time.  All of this elbow room, the soaring ceilings and spacious aisles provide plenty of “space” and a welcome respite from the Disney crush.