Disney's Animal Kingdom opened in 1998 at Walt Disney World and, despite Disney's best marketing attempts, it still comes across as a glorified  zoo with some rides thrown in.   At this point, you either love it or you do not - there does notseem to be many middle ground opinions.   Most of the park is outdoors.  Disney has placed a number of large electric fans throughout the park which does help somewhat.  Also, if you want a quick cool-off there is a pull shower located in Harambe Village in the Africa section of the park.  Guests who love the live entertainment at Epcot will find many similar and interactive opportunities at the Animal Kingdom...if you know where to look.ured by a carnivorous dinosaur.  Primeval Whirl is a mad-mouse type ride that is more fun if the ride car is not quite evenly balanced. 

Each Disney park offers a 3-D movie experience and the Animal Kingdom's "It's Tough to Be A Bug" has the most cohesive storyline of any of the movies.  It is a lot of fun and offers a variety of experiences for the senses.  Be warned that some small children find the giant bugs a little overwhelming. 

Speaking of small children, there is a lot for them to do at this park - with the exception of some of the thrill rides, most attractions do not have a height or age requirement.  The Boneyard play area is a favorite.  Donald Duck - rarely seen at WDW - has his own character dining experience here.  The Camp Minnie-Mickey area offers some great character meet & greet opportunities.  Dinoland U.S.A. includes "Triceratop Spin" which is similar to the classic Disney Dumbo ride. 

The place where the Animal Kingdom really shines is in its wonderful live entertainment.   "Finding Nemo - the Musical" is the newest show in all of Disney World and is impressing young and old alike with its amazing giant puppets.  "Festival of the Lion King" is a long-time favorite with all the wonder of Broadway meets Cirque du Soleil.  Pocohontas and Her Forest Friends doesn't generate a lot of excitement.   There are lots of smaller Street Performance type acts that should not be missed.  "G-Force" is an impressive trampoline act.   There are various percussion or musical groups, and the amazing "DiVine" is a real treat.   Mickey's Jammin' Jungle Parade has fun and festive floats and and music.

There is also an excellent "Wilderness Expert" program where youngsters are encouraged to learn about animals and the environment.  Some twenty-five plus badges can be collected, which creates a lot of fun and learning not to be missed!