It does not take too long to find out that the summer months in Orlando have regular afternoon rainshowers.  This might make you think that Florida is anything but the Sunshine State. At least that is the perception of many tourists, but if you follow the lead of the locals you will see that rainshowers cool things down enough to refresh whatever activity you were doing.  Generally, waiting an hour or two will bring clear skies once again and no worry about days on end of rain. Patience is the key as the sun is a regular visitor and really heats things up, so be prepared to share the shade with another pedestrian. The sun is brutal here and not to be trifled with.  Protect your eyes and your skin and stay hydrated. 

The Central Florida area can be enjoyed even more if you know where you are going.  Be prepared with local maps, usually found in most attraction locations (although not detailed enough to use as driving directions). If your prepare ahead of time by printing maps out from your computer you will save money and headaches. Be sure to get some satelite overhead map views with major roadways indicated and more specific maps of main roads. Take your time, prepare ahead and you shouldn't have too many problems. Although places like the visitors center and the hotels/resorts can get you to the main attractions, these locations are more costly than lesser known attractions, especially when it comes to eating.   

Also as a matter of preparation be sure to have an idea of where the local hospitals and emergency rooms are located. This is vital to you and your family's safety and well being. Take care where your children play or plunk down to sit, especially in grassy areas as well as sandy or dirt areas. You may stir up a fire ant nest and unnecessarily experience the nasty discomfort and, at times, allergic reaction to their bites. As a further reminder, remember you are in a semi-tropical area and there are other hazards of which you need to be cognizant.  There are venomous snakes, black widow and brown recluse spiders as well as some carnivores to pay attention to. Beware of alligators near any water and sharks on both the east and west coast beaches. By all means do not leave common sense at home, just try to keep your stay safe. 

One more thing you should plan for is traveling locally.  The morning rush-hour, lunch-hour and evening rush-hours are traffic standstills if any accident occurs. The recommendation is to use hotel bus services to major attractions and be prepared to leave that attraction early enough to catch that bus to return to your hotel.  If you are going to travel outside the metro area, rent a car for the day if there is not any bus transportation.

Cabs here are as expensive as anywhere, so if you must use them be prepared to reach deep into your pockets. Also because there are so many different visitors, as well as varieties of people from so many countries who are here, and because so much money comes through this major tourist area, be careful, especially at night.  There are the same undesirable elements here as in any large city, so do not travel alone and let others know where you are going and staying in case any problems develop.  Many people fail to plan for such events, so plan to make your vacation here in Central Florida the best vacation you ever have had and remember using you head is the key.