There are many theme parks in Orlando, including Disney's Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure, and Sea World.  The theme parks have a large variety of ticket media available, from one day one park tickets, to multi day, multi park tickets.  Typically, the more parks and days that are included on a ticket, the better the value for the visitor.

The theme parks typically change their prices, and sometimes the ticket entitlements as well, on an annual basis.  Since most theme parks maintain websites, their websites are the best place to get up to date information about the types of tickets available and their prices.  Once you have decided which tickets will best serve you on your trip, then you can shop around for the best prices.  There are tourist information centers in Orlando that sell discounted tickets.  Many hotels also have guest service/concierge desks that sell tickets.  Discounts are typically only offered on multi day tickets, not on the one day tickets. Be aware that if you see large discounts on tickets, especially one day tickets, they are typically tied to a time share tour presentation.

Admission tickets to the theme parks typically cover all rides, shows, and attractions.  You should pick up a guide map/brochure at the gate, which will list any attractions that require a separate fee, as well as the schedules for live shows, parades and fireworks.  Usually  extra fees fall into the category of arcade games or other games of skill.  Other items that will require a separate fee are food and beverage, merchandise, and parking fee (if you park your car at the theme park).

Theme parks tend to be extremely crowded during holiday seasons such as Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  It is advisable to arrive at the theme parks before they open during these times as the gates are closed once the parks have reached capacity.  This can happen as early as 10am.