International Drive has probably the best public transportation in the area.  

If your intentions are to remain in the I-Drive area then one way to get around is the I-Ride trolley. Try buying an I-ride trolley ticket for use over the days you are there. The trolley is a fun, friendly way to go. A lots of stops and goes to a great portion of International Drive. Sometimes, as with any public transit, it can be off-schedule, or even packed and thus you may be unable to secure a seat.

If you want to travel beyond I-Drive, including to/from Disney and to the area's "full price" shopping malls, then the I-Ride trolley is not for you.   The local city bus, "LYNX", serves International Drive with greater frequency and for longer hours than the I-Ride trolley and also extends way beyond the resort area.  Most consider LYNX buses more comfortable and less crowded, too.  More details on LYNX services to/from I-Drive are here:

Part of some packages to Orlando is a bus shuttle to the parks. They go and return only three or so times a day. Excellent when you do not want to drive, but try not to get the last bus home, you may have to ride for hours, also be aware of pick up points and drop off points, lest you be at the wrong place or the wrong time, it will cause you much waiting and delay. These buses also stop at practically every hotel along the way. So do not be in a rush. If you are then take a taxi as these shuttles are not QUICK by any stretch of the imagination. And if they are not offered "free" by your hotel, then you'll find the LYNX fare to be far better value.

Rental cars are great, and available at many hotels even, but you can get a bit more exercise and save some money with the bus or trolley.

There is also bike transport--where the driver takes you on a trike which is two seat.

You can get a taxi--have it called to the hotel for you and you can go just about anywhere for a reasonable taxi fee.

Do not be afraid to walk around on International Drive.

Overall the transportation on International Drive (I-Drive) is excellent...and there is some form of it ----for everyone.