The service information below is correct at the time of writing - 22 April 2016.  However, services do change from time to time, so anyone intending to use bus services should check independently before their visit.  The website address for LYNX buses in Orlando is


For journeys wholly within Walt Disney World, Disney operates its own free transport network consisting of buses, ferries and monorails.  That's all beyond the scope of this article.

For getting in and out of Disney (to go shopping, to visit other attractions, or even to/from Orlando International Airport if necessary) the local city bus service, LYNX, can be used.


You need to be aware of TWO locations within Disney to use LYNX buses.  The one you are most likely to use is at Disney Springs Marketplace.   To reach here from your resort, take a Disney bus and get off at the Marketplace bus station.   To get to the public bus stop you need to go into the Marketplace shopping area for a few yards and then exit and cross the main road at the nearby intersection.  The following directions apply as if standing with your back to the Marketplace entrance to the south-east of the bus station:  The main road comes from your right and curves away in front of you.  Another road goes off to your left.  There is a light controlled crossing over both.  The LYNX bus stop you'll need for most purposes is over the crossing on the main road and just to the right.  As you stand with your back to the Marketplace, the buses you'll be catching are coming from the right and heading off away from you.  The bus stop is clearly signposted.  (LYNX bus 50 also serves a bus station some distance behind "Cirque Du Soleil" at "Westside", but Disney resort buses do NOT call here).

The other is at Disney's Transportation & Ticket Center.  This is co-located with the Magic Kingdom parking lot.  It's across the lake from the Magic Kingdom entrance.  To get there from a resort at most times of the day, you'd take the Magic Kingdom bus and then cross the lake by the ferry or monorail.  (except the Monorail resorts - Polynesian, Grand Floridian, Contemporary;  just go directly to the Transportation Center).  Once there, ask any member of Disney staff where the LYNX bus stop is.  It's easy to find.


Shopping at Walmart - from the Transportation & Ticket Center, LYNX 56 will take you to the WalMart Supercenter at Vine St Kissimmee.  Frequency is every 30 minutes, 7 days a week and trip time is about 35 minutes.  Ask the driver where to get off if necessary.
Old Town Kissimmee - ditto.  Trip time about 15 minutes.
(Bus 56 runs right along US192 in Kissimmee between Celebration and Vine St before terminating in DownTown Kissimmee, so you can use it to visit other venues in this area.  There are several Flea Markets and many restaurants, for example).

Trips to all other likely destinations start out by you going to Disney Springs.  You can go to the Transportation & Ticket Center instead if you prefer - all LYNX buses start out there - but it will take longer from most Disney locations.  So only do so if, say, you are too early for Disney bus services to the Marketplace (check with Disney resort staff), if you are staying at a Monorail resort, or if you're visiting the Magic Kingdom or EPCOT beforehand etc.  At Disney Springs, you can catch LYNX service 50 every 20 - 30 minutes, every day.

Other Attractions
Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure - bus 50 to its first stop on Sea Harbor Drive.  Transfer there to bus 8.  You can then either get off at Universal Boulevard and walk the rest of the way (about 15 minutes walk) or get off at Grand National Drive, cross over International Drive to the stop opposite, and take a 37 right into Universal.
Sea World/Aquatica/Discovery Cove
- bus 50 direct.  Trip time about 20 minutes.  For Discovery Cove, go to Sea World and then use their free shuttle service.
Busch Gardens - this is way outside the area covered by LYNX buses.  To get here, you'll need the Busch Gardens shuttle express which picks up at several places in the area.  The easiest pick up location to get to from Disney is at Sea World (see above). This is a once-per-day scheduled service, but you need to book in advance by phone or online to be sure of getting a seat. It is free to holders of paid Busch Gardens admission tickets. This service is not part of LYNX, but you can, of course, use LYNX to get to the pickup point if necessary. More details and online bookings here

Shopping and other venues
Florida Mall - its first stop on Sea Harbor Drive (about 15 minutes - ask the driver); cross the street and transfer to bus 111.  (111 runs once per hour with additional trips at weekday peak times).
Premium Outlets - Vineland Avenue - bus 50 to its first stop on Sea Harbor Drive (about 15 minutes - ask the driver); cross the street and take an 8 going back the other direction.
Premium Outlets - International Drive - bus 50 to its first stop on Sea Harbor Drive (about 15 minutes - ask the driver); from the same stop take an 8 going the same direction as the 50. 
International Drive generally - bus 50 to its first stop on Sea Harbor Drive (about 15 minutes - ask the driver); from the same stop take an 8 going the same direction as the 50.  While you are there, if you want to hop about, use buses 8 or 42, but when eventually connecting back to Disney, you need to be on an 8 to get right to the stops near Sea World where the 50 also calls.   Note that International Drive also has the I-Ride trolley service.  LYNX passes and transfers aren't valid on trolleys.
Mall at Millenia - go to Premium Outlets - International Drive as above then take bus 24 to Millenia.  24 runs only once per hour and stops fairly early so do check the schedule
Orlando International Airport - its first stop on Sea Harbor Drive (about 15 minutes - ask the driver); cross the street and transfer to bus 111. (111 runs once per hour with additional trips at weekday peak times). If starting out at the airport, note that the LYNX stops are located on the A-side of the Main Terminal, on the Ground Transportation Level (Level 1), at Commercial Lane spaces A38-A41

Download schedules for all these and other LYNX services at
Note that schedules only give scheduled times at certain timing points.  There are many stops in between these.


If you're going to make more than 8 one-way trips over more than 3 days in a 7-day period, then get a weekly pass - $16 for a week's unlimited use. These have to be bought in advance;  if you're staying in Disney, probably the easiest way to do it is on the website (pick the $16 7 day pass).  They will mail to overseas addresses.  Or you can get them at the Official Visitor Center on International Drive (by trolley marker #20, 1/2 a block north of Bahama Breeze set at the back of a parking lot and indicated by an orange, blue and black "i" sign).  In any case, passes are validated on the bus the first time of use and the period of validity starts then.

Otherwise, LYNX costs:
$2 each person one-way regardless of distance. Transferring buses (eg from 50 to 8 at Sea World for the outlets) is at no extra cost so long as you ask for a transfer ticket when you board and pay.
$4.50 for an all-day ticket (if you are going to make more than 2 one-way trips in a day)

You can buy one-way fare and one-day passes from the driver. No change given.  If buying a Day Pass, tell the driver you want one BEFORE you start feeding money into the machine.


All the services mentioned above have a daytime frequency of every 30 minutes or better except where stated and run every day of the week, including holidays. Most also run well into the evening and mostly at similar frequencies. The last 50 towards Disney, for example, leaves Sea World at around 11pm daily and they are every 30 minutes beforehand. But do study the schedules for precise timings to minimise waiting and note that the number 8 bus stops running earlier in the evening on Sundays.

It's worth emphasising that LYNX bus drivers are mostly helpful, patient and co-operative for the most part and will answer questions and give guidance. You will quickly get the hang of it.